Water Fed Pole FAQs

Water Fed Pole FAQs
Pure water window cleaning with water-fed pole systems is one of the newest cleaning methods available to professional window cleaners. Besides rendering ladders obsolete it offers superior cleaning results and a safer delivery of service than traditional window cleaning. This technique relies on a combination of pure, filtered water and a soft bristle brush to achieve exceptional final results. While the bristle brush removes dirt, the pure water dries off naturally without leaving any water marks. As a result your windows will stay clean for a longer period of time. Statistics show that using a water-fed pole system can reduce your window cleaning expenses with more than 50 percent.

How does a Pure Water-fed System work?

Water Fed Pole

Used primarily for high level exterior window cleaning, water-fed pole systems transform the tap water we use on a daily basis into filtered water. The latter makes for an extremely powerful cleaning solution, which can clean any surface without even a drop of cleaning detergent. Unlike ordinary water, which can leave nasty stains on any window, pure water does exactly the opposite. It dries without any spots and protects your windows from attracting dust, dirt and particles. This added benefit means less cleaning expenses for you. So, pure water-fed pole systems can save you time and money. They offer better cleaning results, which will last longer.

So will water-fed pole systems save me money? How?

Money Saving

In the cleaning industry prices are determined by the risk involved in performing the specified cleaning task. This basically means that the greater the risk, the more you’ll need to pay. Another factor, which can dramatically increase your cleaning expenses is the hiring of lifts used in traditional window cleaning. Water fed-pole systems, on the other hand, remove both of those factors. Since they can be operated safely from the ground, they significantly reduce the risk of injuries and the need for any other heavy equipment. Last but not least, water-fed window cleaning takes just a fraction of the time which is required in traditional commercial window cleaning. These three factors are more than enough to convince anyone that water-fed pole systems are the way to go when it comes to window cleaning, even for windows at heights up to 60′ eliminating the need for ladders, lifts, and scaffolding.


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