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  • Top tips for cleaning interior windows
    Top tips for cleaning interior windows
    So your window cleaner has carried out his regular visit and the outside of your windows at your home or business premises are gleaming, the sun reflecting from their pristine surfaces.  But the interiors are now showing themselves up to be a bit of a horror story. Here, we have some top tips to get the insides of the windows as sparkling and gleaming as the outsides.
  • Water Fed Pole FAQs
    Water Fed Pole FAQs
    Water Fed Pole FAQs Pure water window cleaning with water-fed pole systems is one of the newest cleaning methods available to professional window cleaners. Besides rendering ladders obsolete it offers superior cleaning results and a safer delivery of service than traditional window cleaning. This technique relies on a combination of pure, filtered water and a soft bristle brush to achieve exceptional final results. While the bristle brush removes dirt, the pure water dries off naturally without leaving any water marks. As a result your windows will stay clean for a longer period of time. Statistics show that using a water-fed pole system can reduce your window cleaning expenses with more than 50 percent.